Our Identity

Diversity is part of our DNA and we approach our work in 5 areas:

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Both individuals and organizations are at different stages in their journey towards a culture of inclusion.

Logo de Belonging

Belonging DEI is formed by a group of people who are passionate about diversity, and who have the necessary experience and tools to support you wherever you are in this journey.

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Our ​​expertise area is Latin America. We know the challenges facing the region, but also the potential and opportunities.

Meet our Director: Marcelo Baudino

Hi! My name is Marcelo Baudino. I am a man, cisgender, heterosexual, adult, without any disability and a middle class wealthy person. I recognize my privileges, and even if my life may still be difficult, it certainly is not because of these aspects of my identity. I have been putting my privileges at the service of justice and equity for years, as an ally: challenging other privileged people. During these 12 years of experience in the field of DEI, I have seen how the discourse, priorities and challenges present in cultural change have evolved. I have seen how when leadership is not committed, when planning does not have a strategic point of view tied to the business, or when progress is not measured, efforts are diluted. I have worked with organizations of different sizes in different countries in Latin America, with collaborators from different hierarchical levels, and I know the attitudes and dynamics that seek to hinder change. Good intentions are not enough. We need strategic planning. Shall we start?

Fotografía de Daniela Chávez, líder de proyectos DEI en Belonging. Daniela tiene pelo marrón de largo medio, ojos marrones, es de tez clara, sonríe y viste una blusa blanca.

Meet our Project Leader: Daniela Mariana Chávez

Hello! I’m Daniela, I use feminine pronouns (she/her): I am cisgender, white, heterosexual, young adult woman, with a hegemonic body, without disabilities, middle class and working class as a social class of origin (working father and housewife mother ). I am aware of the structural barriers to which I am exposed, but I am not unaware of my privileges and I try to put them at the service of those who are most disadvantaged.

I am a Sociologist, formed in the Gender and Human Rights field, and I am convinced that a fairer world is possible, where all people will have the same opportunities, but I know that in order to make this possible, we must work hard. In this sense, from Belonging DEI I contribute to generating reflection spaces that allow the deconstruction of what is established and give way to more humane, more collaborative, fairer, and therefore more authentic organizations. Likewise, I participate as a volunteer in the Fundación Micaela training team, raising awareness and promoting gender equity and the eradication of violence.

I am excited by the fact that there are currently so many organizations in the process of cultural transformation, for which creating more friendly and inclusive spaces, in which each person can be and give their best, is simply a requirement. If you find yourself in that process, I am willing to join you on this challenging and beautiful path. Here we go!

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