Testimonial 1: TGN

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From the Development area of ​​TGN they approached Belonging DEI, with a firm conviction in promoting a more inclusive and diverse work space. Its focus was on finding out what stage the organization was in, in relation to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI), and raising awareness, infecting and involving the management team to start the process of organizational transformation towards a culture of diversity and inclusion.

Considering that, we developed a project that allowed:

  • A common and deep understanding of the importance of generating a culture of inclusion for organizational well-being.
  • Have a DEI diagnosis for the entire organization.
  • Develop and activate a DEI’s strategic action plan
  • The creation of the DEI Committee with the active participation of the leadership.
  • The commitment and involvement of the Company’s management.
  • Development and implementation of the DEI training plan.
Grupo de personas trabajadoras de TGN posando en el marco del proyecto DEI realizado en la organización junto a Belonging
Grupo de personas trabajadoras de TGN posando en el marco del proyecto DEI realizado en la organización junto a Belonging

Testimonial 2: PMI

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From Phillip Morris they contacted us with the intention of weighing up the efforts they have been making around Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI), systematizing them and integrating them into an action plan.

As a result of the project, we achieved to:

  • Develop a diagnosis of DEI based on the analysis of documents, policies and internal processes.
  • Deepen, from focus groups, about the challenges faced by femininities in the organization.
  • Develop an action plan that follows the guidelines of the global strategy and also takes into account regional characteristics.

Testimonial 3: KOF

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With great enthusiasm for fostering diversity and managing inclusion in the organization, Coca-Cola FEMSA trusted Belonging to accompany the process, in which:

• The DEI strategy was developed.

• The DEI council was formed, made up of senior officials.

• Training sessions were held to address various topics related to DEI.

• Awareness-raising activities were carried out at key dates to create an inclusive culture.

Testimonial: Working with Belonging has been an adventure full of learning and growth, their guidance and accompaniment has helped us not only to develop a strategy and deployment plan for the company, but it has also been an opportunity to challenge and deconstruct ourselves as an I&D team, to continue building the path towards a more inclusive and diverse KOF.

Denisse Adriana León Bolaños, HR New Business Manager.

Personas reunidas en un encuentro virtual por Zoom en el marco del proyecto con Philip Morris
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